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Undertook a major drive along the Atlantic Coastline of the Iberian Peninsula in June 2001 - where I had a chance to explore the diversity of Spain and Portugal, the rock of Gibraltar as well as crossing the Straits to visit Morocco.

Pictured above in Ronda, set in the middle of the Andalician mountains. Ronda apart from being a spectacular cliff top village, is renowned for being the home of bull fighting, with the arena above dating back to 1785.

Sevilla is Andalucia’s biggest and certainly most captivating city. The city has a long history from the Muslims in the 6th century to where it is today, as one of the more recent and successful hosts of the World Expo (in 1992). The spectacular entry to Sevilla over the Rio Guadalquivir (which links Sevilla to the Atlantic Ocean) gives one the taste of whats to come. Left in the fortress (Alcazar) and below part of the old city of Sevilla as viewed from the worlds largest cathedral, also located in Sevilla.

I couldn’t find the barber.....of Seville....

At Ponta de Sagres, in the South West of Portugal (Algarve), the last  land that Columbus would have sighted before his journey into the unknown.... This was symbolic of my journey into the unknown northern part of Portugal and Spain, which was every bit as adventurous.

Galacia is the north westerly province in Spain and is the Celtic Part. It has much more in common with Ireland than its Celtic heritage. The rugged coastline, the ‘wetter weather’ and the warm welcome has its similarities too. Pictured above at A Coruna, my final port of call on this tour of Iberia.

More photos and reports on Iberia to come...

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